Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I just sat (or more like "lounged ungracefully but very gratefully") on my bed, feeling relaxed and peaceful after all three children were cozy and asleep for naps. I usually spend nap time watching The West Wing with Jack in my arms and it is very relaxing, but after one episode this afternoon I wanted to do something more productive. Jack LOVES (x16) being held while he sleeps, or does anything else for that matter, so I don't often get much done during the day, but once I realized that laying him down sideways in the rock n' play kept him asleep longer, it's been a bit more manageable. Plus he looks so sweet : )

Anyway, I think there must be some sort of trigger button on my bed, because literally the very MOMENT my body touched the mattress, there were suddenly peeps coming from the other rooms - Stockton started whimpering, Natalie cried out, and I heard Jack shift positions. I thought my super sacred JUST JESSIE moment was over, but I held my breath and decided to keep downloading pictures and see if they would all settle, and, lo and behold, I am still on my bed, ALONE, with no noise in the house except for our blessed air conditioner. Ahhhh.

What I turned on the computer to write in the first place, though, was how much peace I felt peeking into my childrens' rooms and seeing them fast asleep, beautifully vulnerable and so sweet, snuggled up with their blankies and binks. I feel gratitude that these wonderful babies are MINE, I feel joy that they love me, and I feel peace that I am doing the best I can with them.

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