Sunday, June 14, 2015


Outings are fun. Outings are necessary. Outings require preparation and planning, but are usually worth it!

We (Natalie, Jack and I) went to a Saltdogs baseball game with friends and had a blast! It was fun to sit on the grass and smell the funnel cake and hear the crack of the baseball bat. Natalie was talking nonstop about it for the next few days.

Since we drop Austin off at work in the morning and are out already, we try to run an errand or do something fun. We kind of rotate between grocery store/Target/mall/park.

balloons (and shark jammies) at Hy Vee
 Sometimes, we just stay in the car and play there.

 They love turning the lights off and on. And Natalie is chewing on an old sucker, ew haha.

Pop-pop took us to the mall and even got on the ride with Natalie. Pretzels, lemonade, and the carousel were also involved, as usual. I'm glad my dad is so available to play with us!

Stockton's dream is to run wherever he wants and be able to switch direction on a whim without anyone picking him up or forcing him to go where they want. We took a family outing to a park with a path and let the kids run free, and it was awesome. Stockton was panting and red faced and loving every minute of his romp.

It was a hot/humid day so they needed a stroller break once in a while 

I'm surprised how much we've gone out since having little Jack. I thought I'd feel more stuck at home, but as long as I time it correctly with feedings, etc, it's not very stressful to go out at all. In fact, it's nice to be out of the house doing something different, and the babes love the chance to get some energy out. I love that they get their energy out too because then we have excellent naps.

And you know how I feel about naps. : )

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