Sunday, June 14, 2015

Quilt Queen

I have to admit, I am extremely proud of my effort in planning, preparing, and completing our t-shirt quilt. I have sewn a total of like two minutes in my entire life up to this point, so this was quite the undertaking. We had so many t-shirts, most from my high school/college, but a handful from Austin, and I had wanted to make them into a quilt for a long time. I googled "easy t-shirt quilt" and followed those directions, and figured it out as I went.

cut out t shirts
cut out fusible backing
iron on fusible backing
cut fabric strips
pin strips onto shirts
sew strips onto shirts
pin shirts into columns
sew shirts into columns
cut fabric strips for quilt edges
pin edges to t shirt columns
sew edges on
pin the batting/back fabric to the front
hold breath...
squeal at finished product

It was a fun project to work on together with Austin - we'd turn on a Psych episode while we pinned and sewed and took lots of breaks for my poor pregnant back. It was fun to do something new and semi-challenging, but doable. (Thanks Suzy and Aly for lending us your sewing machines!)

The quilt has been finished since just before Jack was born, but I wanted to make sure it got documented!

this must be from early 2015 - her hair is shorter
and not as curly with the dry winter air
...she loved to "help"
laying the columns out to visualize/pin

 more "helping", Austin getting lost in the layers as we did the last pinning, and us being cozy with the finished blanket

...I can't believe I don't have a picture of the finished front side, but I'm too lazy to go get a picture at the moment so I'll have to post one later. Imagine the most perfect, beautiful quilt you've ever seen and you've pretty much got it : )

EDIT: Here's what it looks like on our bed - it's so fun sleeping under something we made, full of so many memories!

It turned out huge - it's folded over at the top and hanging over at the bottom/sides so you can't quite get the full magnitude, but it's massive and colorful and warm and great. 

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