Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Lostrich

Edit: Austin posted this the other day from work without telling me...it was a "Stardines" poem (see this post) we worked on together via email that we never posted and Austin was finally tired of it sitting in our email inbox so he randomly put it up on the blog with no explanation. Love that man, haha.

The Lostrich

"Where am I?"
Thinks the Lostrich yet again.
"And where am I going?
And where have I been?

"And who are all these people
That I've never seen before?
And why do I not recognize
This large department store?"

The Lostrich has, in fact,
passed by there every day,
but he cannot remember that,
or why he goes that way.

In a momentary panic,
the Lostrich hides his head.
He buries it deep in the ground,
and wonders if he's dead.

"Where am I?"
he asks himself once more.
"And why is it so dark in here?
And why's my head so sore?"

The Lostrich is so lost, you see,
that even in the ground,
his mind begins to wander,
and his wits cannot be found.

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