Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Festive Fourth

Each holiday gets more and more fun as our children participate and understand more of the traditions and festivities. This Independence Day was extra nice because Austin got Friday off since the fourth was on a Saturday, so it felt like we had two Saturdays in a row. 

Natalie and I ventured out to the big fireworks show in Lincoln (which they always do the night of the 3rd, for some reason). She had actually already gone to bed that night since the show didn't start til 10 but I woke her up and told her we were going to a fireworks party and she jumped right out of bed. It was such a fun, cozy date! We had a long way to walk after we parked and I think she was nervous that we would get separated in the crowd, so she held my hand the whole time and then we were cozy on the blanket waiting for the show to begin. I love spending time one-on-one with my children, especially doing something out of the ordinary, and it was very fun sharing this experience with my Natsby. We loved the fireworks show, (her favorite were the "purple ones,") and then we held hands back to the car and came home and fell into bed. We listened to Katy Perry's "Firework" three times on the way home, naturally.

will we ever get a quality family picture? ha
We went to our ward Fourth of July breakfast the next morning and had the most delicious mass-produced pancakes I've ever eaten, I think the mix was from Sam's Club, YUM, and then watched the kids have a patriotic parade. Natalie was SO cute riding her bike all around, I couldn't get enough. I love how everyone dresses in red, white, and blue. I was talking to a friend about what a great holiday this is every year because it's not stressful or expensive, the food is delicious but easy to prepare, the emphasis is on being outside and having fun as a family and country, and in her words "it makes you feel like a kid again." SO TRUE! Throw in a baseball game lit by fireworks and we're good to go. 

A couple friends came over that night for dinner and making exploding bonbons and a viewing and discussion of Harry Potter 3. It was relaxed and enjoyable and just what we were in the mood for. Everything was conducted with the battering neighborhood fireworks bangs and booms in the background which made it all the more festive. 

We capped off the holiday with patriotic songs at church and dinner at the Poulsens, and now we are in bed after a full, happy, colorful weekend. America IS Beautiful, everyone! 

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