Sunday, July 12, 2015

Father's Day

Our street doesn't get a lot of car traffic but it does get a lot of walking traffic, and I've noticed certain patterns and trends. For instance, an older woman walks her little puffy dog in the mornings before it gets hot; our elderly neighbor, Margaret, takes a slow walk with her cane; and there are lots of regular bike riders, runners, and family walkers. My favorite people to watch, though, are this father/son duo. I don't know who they are - the boy is probably 10 - but I see them walk by every day around dinner time, just chatting and laughing. One time they both had basketballs and it was clear that the dad was teaching his son how to dribble. I love watching them because in my mind I see Austin with our sons, going for a walk to spend time with each other, working on sports skills, or just being silly about something. He is already the most wonderful dad, but I know we have even more to look forward to. Is there anything more tender than a daddy loving his children?

Little Jack NOT happy about trying the yogurt

Dad, Grandpa, and a father's day feast
(Austin asked for ham, sausage, bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns in jest, but
I took him seriously and bought all the ingredients and he was so happy!)

these three beauties are so lucky to have their Daddy. we love you!

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