Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy and Hot, and a brief engagement story

I never thought I'd say those two words in a sentence, but that's what this week has been: happy and hot!

My mom is finally home (for at least a few weeks) from her summer travels, YAYAYAY, so we hung out with her twice this week. Yay for Mimi time! I will forever be grateful that both our parents live close.

Natalie is still not napping anymore - I guess that's not new news - but she always gets really excited when Stockton gets up from his nap. I think she misses her built-in play buddy. One afternoon I found them like this after his nap:

 She couldn't wait to go find him : ) 

The no-nap fallout has provided some contentions between Mommy/Natsby (no break for Mommy = more impatient and no nap for Natalie = more ornery, so it's a bad mix). One night I was tired of our bickering so I took her on a coveted "Mommy Date" to try to ease some of the tension. We went to Yogurtini (and Natalie had more fun moving the chairs around than eating, ha) and then the Dollar Store which, if you don't already know this, is MAGICAL. I have been there like once or twice since being married and didn't really understand the draw, but after perusing this latest time I'm sold! It's genius - cheap, crappy toys that will fall apart and that your kids won't care about after a while, for only a dollar! It's perfect for little rewards and treats for the kids. Plus there's actually some useful stuff there too! (I bought $1 salad tongs.) The Mommy Date was momentarily successful, but we've still had our struggles. I hope she will adjust to this new sleep cycle soon.

please note the fuzzy boots ( if you could miss them)
the perk of no naps: she PASSES OUT at
7pm, soooo tired
And what has Mr. Smalls been up to this week, you ask? Just being friendly and wonderful : )

 He definitely went through a growth spurt last week - he's not even three months yet and is already wearing 6-month clothes! He is smiling up a storm, he scooted himself a little bit (on accident, I'm sure) and is getting close to attempting to roll over.

he started under the toys, and managed to scoot himself up this far
practicing his roll

he tried the exer for the first time and did better than I thought...Stockton
loves Jack's mouth. Well, anyone's mouth.

he loves the Jillian workout DVD, ha. i try to turn him away from the TV
but he cranes his neck to see it. 

still such an easy sleeper, yayy : ) 
Austin and I even got a date this week! We went to Tico's, where I used to work, and feasted! I love when we get to go out together. My husband is such a perfect match for me.

It's been HOT HOT HOT and, of course, stupid humid, so the pool has been our friend. It's fun when friends come to share in the fun.

This is one of my favorite things Stockty does:
he comes up to wherever I am when
he wants to check in with me and sits
leaning against my legs. sweet boy.
And, lastly, THIS book came out this week!

This is important not only because it is the second novel of the previously only once-published Harper Lee, but because we have a history with "To Kill A Mockingbird." On our very first date (at Ruby Tuesday, ha) Austin guessed correctly that my favorite book was "To Kill," and then when he proposed to me he told me to close my eyes, knelt down with something hiding behind his back, and had me open my eyes, assuming correctly that I would assume that he was holding the ring. Instead, with a twinkle in his eye as he watched my somewhat deflated but dignified expression, he handed me a new copy of "To Kill." I thought it was a sweet gesture but was still thrown off that he hadn't proposed after the whole picnic in the park/close your eyes/kneeling charade, so I thanked him and was about to put the book down when he told me to open it. What do you know, he had given me a ring after all, nestled in a little painstakingly cut out square in the pages of this beloved story. With a handwritten poem, nonetheless! (He claims that it is cheesy, but I think it's perfect.)

Almost four years, three children (one with the middle name of a main character in this book), and two college degrees later, I'm more happy than ever that I said yes.

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