Sunday, July 5, 2015

Jack 2 Months

I can't believe that Little Jack has only been with us for just over 2 months! It feels like he's been here forever; he's definitely meant to be with our family. 

He smiles now when you talk to him or when he catches your eye and it is still just as cute the third time around - I'm glad these wonderful happy infant times never get old even though your other children have done the same things. His smile is so JOYFUL! His whole face lights up and his eyes crinkle and it melts my heart every single time.

His neck is pretty much fully supported now with a few wobblies here and there, and he is a good sleeper. (Naps during the day and then a 5-7 hour stint, feeding, and straight back down for another 2-4 hours at night. YAY.) He is a great sidekick, just like Stockton was. He just hangs out, doing whatever we are doing. He likes facing outward when he's awake and sleeping against my chest - he's very snuggly and not hard to get to sleep at all (hopefully that sticks!). He adds love to our family and I am so glad he is here. 

Stockton still doesn't make much of a fuss over Jack, but Natalie loves to hold him and is a master at helping him when he's crying by putting the bink in. She sits next to him in the car and makes sure he is happy - she's growing up every day and I love it but am also sort of stunned it's happening so fast. I often have to remind myself that she's not even 3 yet because I forget since she is so smart and helpful and lovely. 

Jack is at the stage where he seriously gets cuter every time we look at him. I love this age where they are starting to be more interested in playing and being entertained - I love when they want to interact with you. 

the Jacks
with friends, William (they share birthdays!) and Cambria (she's a few weeks younger)
he looks like his daddy. handsome boys!

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