Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kat Thursdays

My best friend from high school, Kat, lives in Omaha and has two little girls close in age to my kids, and now that she's not working we've started getting together on Thursdays. It is so fun to look forward to every week! This past week it was our turn to go to Omaha, and Kat took us to this awesome place that has rotating exhibits. Currently it is a giant open room with innovative toys, foam blocks, wood dowel rods, magnets, things to climb on, spin, draw, and just generally run amuck. It was incredible! And FREE!

 We were a few minutes early so we explored around the building and found some fun things to climb on. It adds an element of fun to be in the Old Market - I have always loved being "downtown" in any city!

Stockty was in absolute nirvana - it was seriously his dream come true. A whole huge space with fun things and no one to stop him from exploring it all as fast as he can. When I lost sight of him I just looked for the fastest moving child and it was almost always him. He thought it was HILARIOUS to knock over the towers other kids worked hard to build - the other parents watching couldn't even get mad because Stockton's grin and giggle/cackle was so gleeful and full of joy that it was infectious.

I really do think it was the happiest hour of his life thus far.

Natalie had a great time too running around with her friends. I think her favorite part was the big climbing blocks. She also liked the tinker toy-type area.

 Stockton, in a brief break from his foam block massacre, was enthralled by this orb.

Cambria and Jack slept the whole time,
and somehow were still tired afterwards.
The life of a baby, I guess.

Lincoln/Omaha friends, go to this place! It is awesome! And did I mention FREE?

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