Sunday, July 12, 2015

Life With Three

they knock off all the pillows so they can jump
Our lives are fun and messy. The kids rampage the house -  toys everywhere, more blankets than I remember owning, finding markers out of thin air, spills and crumbs and rips and holes. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I'm doing all day is feeding these creatures and constantly tidying up. And it's great!

Natsby is always doing some sort of project
Natalie isn't really napping anymore, which I have many feelings about. It was hard for me to give up the precious Jessie time that I'm always going on about, but it is fun to have some quality time with just my Natsby. It's frustrating because she is often more difficult in the hours leading up to bed time, but then she goes to bed much easier and earlier. It's a trade-off.

And, she's POTTY TRAINED! Woo! She hardly ever has accidents, wears a pull-up at night and sometimes when we're going in public, and even though she doesn't like pooping in the potty yet she'll tell us when she has to go and we'll just put a diaper on so at least there isn't a mess on the floor. She'll get there eventually. I'm grateful that it hasn't been this terrible horrible no good very bad ordeal - she was ready, we were ready, and it's been pretty smooth.

Jack is getting so big! He loves to smile and coo and it's very fun. Natalie was going through a Sandlot phase when Jack was born so we started calling him Smalls and we like it. Smalls!

We reorganized the bedrooms in preparation for Jack's crib sleeping - both cribs are now in Stockton's room and Natalie has her very own girl room! Reorganizing furniture (or anything, really) is one of my very favorite things.

another poulsen children classic (read: fail)

I've been doing one load of laundry every other day instead of saving it up until we have three loads and an overflowing laundry basket, and it's making laundry seem less like a chore because I can get it done quicker if I do it in smaller chunks. It's a good feeling getting things done instead of putting them off!

Austin and I are killing it with our healthy eating and consistent workouts - sometimes we trade off running laps in the backyard while the kids are playing and we've worn a path through the clover in the back corner of the yard. We've loved having our little grill - we use it multiple times a week!

Life with three children has just been LIFE. It's our new reality and we don't even remember what it was like before Little Jack was here. We all love the time of the day when Daddy gets home from work and we can play and hug and make dinner and just be a happy family.

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  1. Your life sounds so awesome and upbeat. Way to rock it. And you can totally see the path through the clover.