Sunday, August 16, 2015

3+ months

Smalls! Here he is at 3 months:

He is one of the smiliest babies I've ever seen, but definitely the smiliest in our family. He smiles instantly when you make eye contact, and is often smiling to himself too. We love it! Happy happy Jack. (Happy Jack Road, Wyomingites?)

Smalls LOVES this red play mat. I take it with me when I know I'll be somewhere for a while - he's there when I'm cooking, working out, or doing chores.

Bumbo Boy! 
He sleeps easily, eats well, and is a trooper in the car. He seems to be a momma's boy already, but he's generally genial with others too.

He's turning into the next stage of infant and it's so fun - he is so strong and interactive and I love watching him grab everything. He sucks on his hands and is starting to think about rolling over.

look at this cute little boy, little button nose

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