Sunday, August 16, 2015

An August August

guys. look at them.
My children. Gah they are the best.

Sometimes I feel bogged down in the laundry, feeding, dishes, vacuuming, tidying, lawn mowing, mail checking, bill paying, errand running, dinner get the picture. (And forget sometimes...I feel this way more often than I'd like to admit.)

But then I sit down and read a book to my Natsby, or roll around on the floor tickling my little Stockty, or snuggle my sleepy Smalls, and all my complaining and feeling stuck and selfish desires melt away. It is crazy how much they have changed my life and crazy how much I love them.


the target configuration
I looked up "august" in the dictionary and means "respected or impressive." I would say this month of August had indeed been august! At least from a three-year-old's viewpoint. But mostly I just wanted to say "august August."

My view, a lot of the time:

 children children everywhere! Stockton still loves sitting at my feet, leaning against my legs, when he needs some love or just to check in, and he was mad when Jack was sitting there haha. he wants my lap all to himself, cute thing.

babysitting fun:

Natalie and Stockton have been interacting more every day and it's so fun to watch. My favorite is when they make each other laugh, which is often. 

Stockton canNOT get enough watermelon. I think he could live off of that fruit if it was acceptable.

he stole some off the table and feasted while I was feeding Jack
He brought me Natalie's shoes one time, and I thought he looked so funny wearing them. 

don't mind me!
Austin is still the greatest daddy around, I love watching him play with our kids. He is such a good sport trying to patiently play MarioKart with Natsby. She loves playing with him!

For family night last week we told the story of the Stripling Warriors and how their fathers and grandfathers had once covenanted with God that they would never fight again, and proved it by burying their weapons. We decided to bury our own "weapons," things that we struggle with that we would like to stop doing. We wrote them down on little slips of paper and yes, actually buried them! Mine was "drinking pop alone," because I always gave in to the temptation to get a soda when I was out running errands with the kids, and I needed to stop. Carbonation makes me happy so I didn't want to completely give it up, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Burying it really did cement in my mind the will power I needed to follow through with this goal. (And I think we decided that I can reevaluate after we move from this house...the "burial" will become exempt once we're gone.) Natalie's paper said "pushing Stockton." 

burying our vices! 

 Natalie is still LOVING her play doh, and she's been giving Stockton hugs lately which is very cute, but he hates it haha.

Harry Potter Scene-it

and a cozy sibling nap. love.

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  1. I'd be terrified to play Harry Potter scene it with you guys lol. Loved that idea on the FHE lesson, I think I want to copy that! Love seeing all your kiddos in these pictures! Jessie, I miss you!