Monday, August 31, 2015


We've been married for four years! We had a fun date to celebrate. The weekend before, we went shopping for new outfits. It is so fun to shop together - Austin doesn't usually go with me because I'm kind of annoying to shop with, so it was a treat to get to go together. 

We left Natalie and Stockton with Mimi and Pop-Pop (thanks, parents!) and they had a great time going to the splash pad. Little Jack came with us and was a fun companion.

Behold: P.F. CHANGS. Ahhh, so delicious. Masterful. Delectable. INCREDIBLE. 

After lunch we went to the awesome Omaha Barnes and Noble and had a lovely browse. We went back rejuvenated and as lovey as ever! We brought some "questions for couples" and took turns answering them which was really fun. It's nice to refresh your knowledge of each other and learn something new. 

Austin requested a pumpkin pie and then ate it in one day. He loves pie! And I love him : )

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  1. Yay for grandparent babysitting services! And yay for a happy anniversary! You make me happy.