Monday, August 31, 2015


By "Lake Day" I really mean "Lake Hour and a Half." We chose not to go anywhere this summer mostly because we didn't really feel up to the task of traveling with three kids under three, but also to save money and work vacation hours. I think it was the right choice but we have seen all our friends/family on their trips and we decided we needed at least a little one, so we headed to Branched Oak Lake just outside of town after Austin got off work one night.

We packed up with towels, swimsuits, a couple buckets, dinner, and the quilt, and enjoyed the little drive into the "country." I felt refreshed as soon as the water was visible! It was such a nice view and made me feel very vacation-y. It's so nice to do something out of the ordinary!

my view as I fed Smalls
He didn't really get in the water, but it was fun to see him in Stockty's old suit!

Stockton was THRILLED. He sat in one spot most of the time with a bucket
and had a ball. Natalie liked practicing moves from swim lessons.

the first outdoor use of the tshirt quilt! it's SO NICE to have it so large

DINNER TIME. We packed our favorite picnic meal: chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, cheetos, pink lemonade, and fruit. Everyone scarfed. I love these colorful fun pictures - everyone was in such a good mood. We all needed this little adventure!

A couple other families from church also came which was fun. And, get this: when we first got there I was holding Jack and walking in the water with the other kids, and later I realized his bink was missing. I thought we were doomed because it must have dropped into the water, but just as I was telling this to Austin and walking back into the lake I STEPPED RIGHT ON IT! It was a miracle! Out of the whole lake and the whole section we traipsed around in, I happened to step exactly where the bink was. Woo!

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