Sunday, August 9, 2015


Our sweet Natsby turned THREE on August 1st! She loved her birthday weekend and will joyfully tell anyone who asks that she's "free" (since she doesn't say "th" sounds very well.)

I made her favorite dinner (palm springs chicken, YUM) and Jack and Mimi came over and we had cake and presents. She loved her blue "cinderella" cake that Mimi made, and she loved her new minions shirt from Daddy. She took her wish-making very seriously.

Her favorite part of the celebration was taking little snips of the frosting. I should have taken a picture, but she picked off all the frosting from her slice and left the actual cake sitting there untouched, ha.

She was blessed with presents galore from family and friends, and she loved all the attention for her special day. (I was holding an ipad during her party at the Poulsens so I don't have any pictures from there, but we had a great time, especially being able to face time with family in Utah who weren't there in person.) One of her most favorite gifts was definitely all the play doh from Grandma and Grandpa!

Merida dress to match her doll..she didn't take
it off for two and a half days

Stockton took over this barn play set -
he couldn't scoot close enough to it, ha!
Natalie was very gracious in sharing her new toy

Just three of the many reasons why I love my Natalie Jane:

-she holds my face with her little hands on my cheeks when I'm singing to her before bed
-her matter-of-fact way of making any suggestion seem rational ("we'll have some dinosaur fruit snacks and then we'll get some cheese at the store, okay?" *nods confidently*)
-how she always wants to participate in EVERYTHING I am doing (cooking, exercising, checking the mail, going on an errand, cleaning the bathroom)

I'm so grateful to be a mom. I feel like each of my children has added different aspects to my identity as a mother, but as my friend said the other day "Natalie made you a mom!" It seems crazy that she has only been with us for three years. I thank Heavenly Father every day that she is in our family and look forward to continuing to grow up with her.

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