Sunday, August 9, 2015

Shearing the Sheep

My children got their first haircuts! Naturally Grandma was the go-to choice, and she did a great job. I was sad to see the bulk of Stockty's curls get snipped, but the top of his hair was getting unruly, so it was time to let it go. And I wasn't planning on cutting Natalie's hair, but after seeing Stockton she said she wanted a turn, and I'm glad she did because her hair is less scraggly and more even now. Grandma is the best!

BEFORE (p.s. isn't he handsome?) 


He did SUCH a good job, I couldn't believe he sat still for so long! We whipped out all the tricks: Monsters University, three bags of fruit snacks, a banana, and his favorite alligator toy. Good work, buddy!

 Natalie did well too, cute thing. She was a little overwhelmed by the process though and went to Daddy afterwards for some support.

I told Austin on the way home that we have shorn children! The first of many shearings to come, I am sure. Thanks, Grandma!

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