Sunday, August 9, 2015

Swim Lessons

Pop-Pop decided Natalie should have swim lessons and promised he would pay for it and provide transportation (thanks Dad!), so we got her all signed up for a two week session in Pre-school 1. At first she was anxious about it, acting clingy and weepy and crying during parts of the lesson, but she warmed up to it after a few days and ended up having a great time. After one of her early lessons we were driving home and I asked her why she was crying during the lesson:

N: I was having a little problem.
Me: Oh, what kind of problem?
N: Um, just a sad problem.

Ha, in her cute little matter-of-fact voice it just sounded so funny. I'm glad she liked the swim lessons, and I'm glad she got so much good one-on-one time with Pop-Pop. They are definite pals. She was exhausted each night though with the no nap/swim lesson combo; she practically fell into bed each night.

she's in the far corner group in the white top on the far right
And, not only was she the youngest student in the class, but she was the only one to jump off the diving board! She climbed up there with no hesitation and jumped right on in, cute thing. She looks so tiny from the viewing area and with all those bigger kids around.

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