Sunday, August 9, 2015

This and That

Austin built me a shelf! (And by "me" I mean "his books with a little section for my books.") It was so handy of him - good work babe!

I'm also happy with how this turned out:

my baby picture with my stitchery from Grammy Bee, and Natalie's picture and stitchery beneath

We weren't sure of the room configuration that we wanted once Jack was ready for a crib, but we decided on having the boys together and then Natalie having her own room. It was nice to finally decide because I was able to put up the wall decorations in each room where they will actually be instead of sort of willy-nilly nailing them wherever they fit. It's fun having a "girl" and "boys" room - I'll take more pictures once I'm more satisfied with how things are.

We've spent some fun days at my parents' house the past few weeks; I'm sad my dad has to go back to work now that school is starting again (boo, jobs!) but glad my mom is back from Utah for the next few weeks until her next trip.
i love this picture. it captures my little stockty so perfectly: content to go off and find his own things to play with

 he fell asleep on our way home from Target (a Target within walking distance? dream come true) and has fuzzy orange fingers and face from the cheetos we used to keep him happy while we browsed.

 found these treasures in an old picture frame, ha!

sleepy children - notice Natalie's Merida dress. also, Smalls loves sleeping on my parents' couch for some reason - he takes his longest naps there.

We walked around the cemetery one fine morning - it is a peaceful place with beautiful trees and so much freedom for the kids - Stockton LOVES coming here because he can roam wherever he wants in the big wide road, which is his favorite thing to do, and I don't have to constantly be worried about cars or losing sight of him.

we have had the most gorgeous skies lately

enjoying a quiet moment filling up the pool
to be ready for babysitting the next day
 Jack loves baths now - k maybe not loves, but definitely doesn't mind them like he used to. He is so fuzzy and cute!

Check out baby Natalie vs. little Jack: they could be siblings, eh? : )  

Austin and I had a fun date picking out new outfits for our anniversary next week. Isn't he a babe!?

And, to end, Stockton at the mall and Jack at church. Life.

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