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Stockton turns TWO

We celebrated Stockton's birthday this weekend and it was such a fun day. I LOVED my birthdays growing up, but it's even more fun celebrating my children's birthdays now! It was especially fun because I feel like relaxed, content Stockton doesn't get as much attention from everyone as rambunctious, loud Natalie usually does so it was perfect to have a day that was all about him.

We explored our favorite Pioneers Park (or Peach Park, as Natalie says) early that morning and enjoyed a wilderness romp, although it was cut short because of these nasty, aggressive bees that wouldn't leave us alone! No one got stung but it was very annoying and we left to go to another park.

For breakfast we had delicious French toast with whipped cream and bacon. YUM. I took a brief birthday hiatus to take Jack to the doctor to check for an ear infection (negative), and then picked up some Chipotle for birthday lunch. Stockton loves the rice and beans and chocolate milk box. Then it was…

Family Fun

We explored an awesome new park last week - it's the playground at the local elementary school and we will definitely be back. It's always fun to branch out but this park was especially worth it, especially because it is within walking distance. Lots of places to climb, little pebbly sand, blacktop; it's secluded enough that Stockton won't be able to escape and in a really pretty area with trees that make it feel more "wilderness-y."

We spent most of our time in this spaceship - Austin was awesome at using all the space lingo and whipping out NASA terminology. He's so good at playing with the kids.

I love our little family. It doesn't feel little though - it feels big and all-encompassing and joyful and important. I'm grateful that I get to stay home with my children instead of working, although it definitely is still WORK. I've been in a good groove lately - I'm mostly keeping up with the chaos and enjoying the days instead of feeling ov…

September in Pictures

Our children are growing so fast! I saw some pictures of Stockton from earlier this year and he is SO different. I'm grateful that I have a record to look back on because they are changing so quickly and I don't want to forget any of it!

 I'm really happy with our little makeshift bookshelf in Natalie's room. The girls are happy about it too (see below)

A pretty girl on a Sunday at Mimi's, and sleepy boys

A Series of Stockton:

 He thought this miniature slide was for him, haha
 Aloha from this sweet blonde-haired blue-eyed buddy!

 This boy LOVES corn. On the cob, off the cob, on a plate, off the floor. Also, he has the greatest curlies.

 Doesn't he look so old!? His birthday is in just a few days!!! He loves this Elsa crown.
A Series of Natalie:

 We saw the whole caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly transformation on our very own porch! It was kind of weird but very cool.