Friday, September 4, 2015

End of August catch-up

Harriet, my computer, was unwell for a little while but thanks to a new charger she is up and running and very happy to be back in business. I was so sad when she didn't turn on - she's been my friend since 2009! 

So, I'm behind in blogging. Here are our cuties for the rest of August:

Smalls is grabbing toys now, I LOVE this stage. so fun!

haha, the kim kardashian butt (will we even remember the kardashians 
when we are looking back at this in ten years?)

they always seem to tilt the same way, cute things

ha! i love these pictures. jack and cambria were getting cozy

so tired at Mimi's, he was draping himself over everyone/everything

lost in fun! stockton LOVED the jumping pillow and neon lights. natalie loved the ball pit and the general frolicking around.

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