Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Family Fun

I'm not even sure what to caption this haha
We explored an awesome new park last week - it's the playground at the local elementary school and we will definitely be back. It's always fun to branch out but this park was especially worth it, especially because it is within walking distance. Lots of places to climb, little pebbly sand, blacktop; it's secluded enough that Stockton won't be able to escape and in a really pretty area with trees that make it feel more "wilderness-y."

We spent most of our time in this spaceship - Austin was awesome at using all the space lingo and whipping out NASA terminology. He's so good at playing with the kids.

I love this picture - she has such a good time with her daddy
a morning jaunt to the closer park 

I like capturing all three of them in the same picture, even if they aren't doing anything special

this lasted barely long enough for a picture but it was so cute!

they stayed huddled around the treehouse toy for a long time together - Jack enjoyed it more than it seems in this pic lol
I love our little family. It doesn't feel little though - it feels big and all-encompassing and joyful and important. I'm grateful that I get to stay home with my children instead of working, although it definitely is still WORK. I've been in a good groove lately - I'm mostly keeping up with the chaos and enjoying the days instead of feeling overwhelmed and crazy. It helps that I've started going to workout classes in the evenings, so I feel like I'm doing something for myself and getting a little break.
I dropped Austin off at the airport to go to Utah for his Grandpa Poulsen's funeral (which was really nice - I'll let him blog about it if he wants) and then the kids and I made a pit stop in Papillion for food and a car break. We set up the jumperoo and Jack really liked it! Stockton was very intrigued.

making dinner with Mimi and Jack
videos with Uncle Jack
I'm grateful for the service that our families give us and allow us to give them. I feel so blessed each time someone babysits our children, buys them something, gives them hugs, spends time with them, and just plain loves them, because that is truly a service to us as well. I love when people come over to our house and keep me company and give my children attention while giving me a break - I love when they go above and beyond and even help me with housework and dinner. It is so nice having a lot of family living so close to us, especially while our children are little, and I am grateful to each and every one of them, near or far!

thanks, dad : ) 

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