Friday, September 4, 2015

Jk more August and PERSONALITIES

I found more pictures from August, so brace yourselves. I thought I'd focus on what each child is like, their personalities and mannerisms and special things about each of them as I go through these random pictures.

Natalie just gave Austin a hug and said "Dad. I love you." and then came over and gave me a hug and said "Mom. Thanks for a great day." She picks up the things Austin and I say to each other and then says them to us and it is always cute and heartwarming. She often asks us "how was work?" or tells us that our plan "sounds good." I love her observations on life, which she gives frequently and to anyone who will listen. 

 We made a makeshift slip-n-slide and it was hilarious watching the kids, well, slip and slide all around. Stockton used to be the definition of cautious but has gotten a lot more adventurous lately and is prone to accidents. Please enjoy laughing at his expression in the picture below.

Little Jack is still just so relaxed and friendly. I am enjoying being less specific about nap times and schedules with him - with two other children we still go about our day like normal for the most part as he tags along and naps on the go. I'm sure in the coming months we'll have a designated "nap time," but I like the freedom we're crafting right now. 

Stockton LOVES his blankie. He gives it hugs and carries it around his shoulders like a cape and when one of us is holding it and then picks him up for bed time, he snuggles in to your shoulder against the blankie and it's so cozy. He says "nigh nigh" when it's time to sleep and we're loving that too. He has a sweet little voice and we're so glad he's saying more words! He's still an awesome sleeper - three hour nap and twelve solid uninterrupted hours at night. What a stud.

Jack loves Natalie SO MUCH. He lights up when she comes into his field of vision, and she can make him laugh more than I've heard him in any other situation. She dotes on him (as much as a three-year-old can dote, I suppose) by giving him kisses and cheek pats and trying to pick him up and learning to be gentle and laying down next to him when he's on the floor and wanting to hold him when I'm feeding him and giving him his bink when he's crying. Earlier today I was in the kitchen and he woke up from his nap crying and before I could go in I heard Natalie run over and say, "it's okay, little Jack, here you go." It's fun that she is older and more hands-on with Jack than she could be with Stockton.

Natalie makes me laugh every day - she loves doing different things with play-doh and it's hard to not hover over her when she's making messes, but I remind myself that she's being creative and learning and there's no mess that's too hard to clean up, right? (Today I found her sticking little pieces of play doh onto the back door in a sort of speckled pattern...) Also, I found the Wii remote in the fridge, courtesy Natsby.

The weather has been so nice lately. (I'm mad that it is tainted by the arrival of those horrible awful prickly pokey stripey big outdoor spiders that spin webs everywhere and sit there like terrible little monsters waiting for someone to run headlong into their sticky silk and panic. Ugh, SHUDDER.) We've been enjoying the milder temperatures though, and even get to walk to church which I LOVE. What better way to feel prepared for church than enjoying family time, fresh air, and an invigorating refreshing walk through our beautiful world?

Nice weather also means WALKING GROUP! YAYYY! Jack was strapped to me so I couldn't really help, but some of the moms and kids pulled weeds at "our" park and it was an awesome service project. We've logged some serious hours here.
please notice Natalie's Merida dress. she wore it for three days straight and only
took it off because I told her we couldn't have fruit snacks ever again if she didn't let me wash it.

Stockton loving on his watermelon with a friend, and Jack being bashful after a sweet smile.

 One day we decided it was just time for a fort. I loved seeing Austin's legs poking out. He went in there as soon as he got home from work, ha. He came out and said, "What is it about forts that just inspires everyone, young and old?"

I love this sweet family of mine. It's 10:28 at night and Jack and Stockton are asleep, Austin is dozing on the couch, and Natalie is sitting next to me telling me about the book she's reading. She's awake because she fell asleep on the living room floor before 7 and when Austin kept trying to keep her awake she blinked a couple times and said, "um, I'll just go in my bed." So now she's wide awake, "helping" me blog, and I'm happy to have her keeping me company. With lots of disobedient unpleasant freak out moments lately, I appreciate these fun happy easy moments with my Natsby. (earlier she was mad at me for sneezing, going to the bathroom, making rolls, putting pants on, calling my friend, stopping at red lights, wearing a green shirt, and drinking water. like, yelling screaming mad. it will be funny later, right?)


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