Tuesday, September 22, 2015


HOORAY! Makall is HOME!!!

Austin's sister came home from her mission in Nauvoo, IL this weekend and it is SO FUN to have her back. Everyone in the family got to see her while she was in Nauvoo when they came for visits but I never got to go, so I am the only one who truly had to wait all eighteen months!

She is awesome and we are so happy to have her back : )

 We had SIX devices going - three on Facetime, one videoing, and two taking pictures. 

 She ran straight for Natalie, who of course was thrilled 

 It was hard to know who to talk to, which device to look at haha

 Stockton was over it after the initial excitement and amused himself with his blankie

 She finally gets to hold a baby!!! Welcome home, Makally : ) 

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