Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pool Reunion with the Luddingtons!

My long lost childhood friend, Kalie, was in Omaha this week visiting her brother and his wife and two girls, and we went to play at her hotel and it was a blast! We hadn't seen each other since before either of us got married, and now we each have three kids! Some of her family and some of mine were there too (her mom and two brothers, my dad and one brother) and it was a fun reunion. PLUS they were staying at this place with an awesome (and FREE) water park inside!

ta daaa! the kids loved it. 
kalie's twins, rhett and evie!

in the "hot pool"

 any time anyone got close to Stockton I think he was afraid we were going to say it was time to go, so he kept dashing off everywhere, haha. he also loved playing in the bottom part of the water slide.

Jack didn't really care for the water

5-week old Ellery, Aaron's second daughter

 kalie and evie, jack and jack

pop-pop in the "cold pool,"
which Natalie actually preferred
I'm so glad it came together and we made it happen. After playing in the water the kids were totally beat and all over the place, but we forced them to get a picture with all six so we could at least say it happened! Here are some of our attempts haha:

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