Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September in Pictures

Our children are growing so fast! I saw some pictures of Stockton from earlier this year and he is SO different. I'm grateful that I have a record to look back on because they are changing so quickly and I don't want to forget any of it!

 I'm really happy with our little makeshift bookshelf in Natalie's room. The girls are happy about it too (see below)

A pretty girl on a Sunday at Mimi's, and sleepy boys

he woke up soooo sweaty
A Series of Stockton:

 He thought this miniature slide was for him, haha

 Aloha from this sweet blonde-haired blue-eyed buddy!

 This boy LOVES corn. On the cob, off the cob, on a plate, off the floor. Also, he has the greatest curlies.

 Doesn't he look so old!? His birthday is in just a few days!!! He loves this Elsa crown.

A Series of Natalie:

 We saw the whole caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly transformation on our very own porch! It was kind of weird but very cool.

  a tired girl. she is finally mostly adjusted to not having an afternoon nap now though, thank goodness.

 her latest favorite activity: "painting" with water on the glass table

 fancy and stylish no matter where she's going

"resting" in mommy's bed for quiet time

these days of cozy arm naps will be over too soon!

 a sweet, cuddly, sleepy, fuzzy boy. we love our little jack.

September has come and almost gone already - time flies when you're having fun! : )

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