Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sick Start to September

Blahh, being sick is no fun. Natalie had pink eye in both eyes, Stockton had it in one, and they had an ear infection apiece.

Lots of lying around, blankie time, and netflix. Stockton in the bumbo is my favorite. I've never been a huge proponent of medicine, but I'm definitely glad to have it when we need it - it totally helped!

even my breakfast turned on me
Stockton has been a trooper, buuuut Natalie has been more challenging. She definitely had it worse and wasn't sleeping well, eating well, playing well, or doing anything well really except being difficult, poor thing. Austin knew that I wasn't getting much sleep between feeding a growing Jack and dealing with Natalie's feverish freak outs, so he has been letting me sleep in before he has to go to work and it is such a nice service. I love him! (My college self would laugh knowing that now "sleeping in" means staying in bed til 7am.)

A friend from the ward was an ANGEL and came over with pedialyte popsicles for the kids and ben and jerry's for me - seriously!? I was and am soooo grateful. What a nice thing to do. The person isn't someone I even see or talk to regularly, so she clearly went out of her way to serve us and it was so thoughtful and so appreciated!
I even got a little reading time one afternoon!


  1. The Boys in the Boat is such a good book!!! Sickness is the worst all around. But that swim time looked fun--what a great place! Thanks for keeping the updates coming! I'm off to go attempt one of my own... Hug!

  2. 7 am is TOTALLY sleeping in! Poor kids, sickness is the worst!!!! We are on our third antibiotics in the last 3-4 bc of ear infections, poor babies. Poor little Natalie, she sounds miserable! So sweet of whomever in the ward came over, we seriously have the best ward of sisters who listen to the Spirit and reach out that helping hand in place of the Lord! We listened to that book on our road trip this summer along with Unbroken and Rich dad Poor dad, loved it! Our friend Katie from dental school went to boarding school for rowing, she's super legit and is trying to take us before the weather isn't warm, you guys should come! Get better quick so we can be social again!