Monday, September 28, 2015

Stockton turns TWO

look who's TWO!
We celebrated Stockton's birthday this weekend and it was such a fun day. I LOVED my birthdays growing up, but it's even more fun celebrating my children's birthdays now! It was especially fun because I feel like relaxed, content Stockton doesn't get as much attention from everyone as rambunctious, loud Natalie usually does so it was perfect to have a day that was all about him.

We explored our favorite Pioneers Park (or Peach Park, as Natalie says) early that morning and enjoyed a wilderness romp, although it was cut short because of these nasty, aggressive bees that wouldn't leave us alone! No one got stung but it was very annoying and we left to go to another park.

For breakfast we had delicious French toast with whipped cream and bacon. YUM. I took a brief birthday hiatus to take Jack to the doctor to check for an ear infection (negative), and then picked up some Chipotle for birthday lunch. Stockton loves the rice and beans and chocolate milk box. Then it was nap time, and I even snuck in a nap!, and finally time for cake and presents with our families. We had everyone come to our house and it was fun having both our parents and Uncle Jack and Aunt Makall all in the same place to celebrate Stockty.

 Stockton was much more interested in opening presents than on previous occasions..I think Christmas will be super fun for him. He's understanding that if you rip open the paper something exciting is inside! Natalie did a great job patiently waiting to see what was inside, and she loved helping him open his presents when she was allowed to.

 Stockton shared his presents admirably with his sister and they've been playing really well with everything together. I'm glad that so far we are mostly contention-free!

 I'm proud of how our Mike Wazowski cake turned out!! Of course it was our favorite Tiffany Cake recipe, just green this time, with a chocolate chips pupil and mouth. Austin's final touch of the horns was clutch.

 He loved his cars and airplane and car track. It's cute to see him decide what to play with - he has so many options! We left all the toys in the living room for now so both kids are enjoying the choices. Thanks, family, for all your love and gifts and support!

 I know we have a picture of him in this jersey last year, but I need to dig it out. For now, we'll have to do with these pictures on previous birthdays:

one day

one year

two years!
Everyone went to Lost in Fun after cake/presents and it was so busy and fun and happy. Stockton loved the jumping pillow, as always, and since there were so many kids this time he mostly stayed on his stomach or back and let the other kids jump him. He was FLYING! Our friends the Birdsalls were there too, which was fun. It's nice to go with so many other adults - we just traded off following the kids around and had a great time.

(Thanks to Austin's dad for the pics!)

Happy Birthday, dear Stockton. We love you more and more each day. It seems hard to believe that you've only been with us for two years - we are so grateful that you are in our family! We love your giggle, your blonde curlies and beautiful blue eyes, squishy padded hands and feet, your expressive mouth, your little routines, and your kisses. You make every day happier and easier than it would have been otherwise. As we sang the birthday song to you I found myself feeling sort of sad, and I realize now it's because I had the thought that you won't be little like this for many more birthdays, and while I'm excited for your future and know that the coming years will be a blast, it's hard to think of leaving this precious baby boy in memory land. You are wonderful and kind and sweet and I LOVE YOU.

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