Sunday, September 13, 2015

Toilet Paper Preschool

A. Lately it has been a struggle staying patient all day and all night with my Natsby - she is figuring out how to be bossy, doesn't know how to deal with not getting what she wants, and is generally overtired so she is pretty unreasonable. Little things set her off and then she can't calm down for a while. I love how much she wants to do every day and how busy she likes to be and how she treats little Jack and usually Stockton, but then we deal with these tantrums and freak outs and feel like we're getting nowhere.

B. I've been feeling pressure to do preschool for Natalie. A lot of my friends either have their three-year-olds in a preschool program or are doing a joy school with other moms. I pretty much have no interest in joy school, and I don't think it's necessary to pay for preschool. As I have thought about this for the past few weeks I realized that I kept trying to make preschool work and I didn't really want to do it and THAT'S OKAY! Sometimes Natalie and I do "educational activities" during the boys' nap time, and we often go on adventures and outings, and we read a lot, and I am not ready to give her up to school yet and I don't have to feel bad about that.

A + B =

C. One day I came out of the kitchen to find toilet paper in the living room and bedrooms. My first instinct, which I carried out, was to ask Natalie in a "you're probably in trouble" tone why there was toilet paper everywhere. Luckily I didn't take it too far because she told me she was "making lines," which I didn't understand at first, but then she explained that it was "like Max and Ruby." That's a book we read where Ruby is making a cake and Max keeps making messes so Ruby draws a line that Max isn't supposed to cross, and Natalie "making lines" was from that book. I almost got mad at her for applying what she's learning from the books we've been reading! Such a good reminder to not nitpick every action and LET HER BE LITTLE. Cleaning up toilet paper is so not a big deal. Playing with her and making more "lines" and then reading the book again is also not a big deal, but now I have a positive memory and we avoided a tantrum and bonded together.

My point (which I don't think I really made very clearly, sorry), is our every day life right now is preschool enough for my little Natsby, and learning and making messes and not dictating every action is what I can do to enable her to be happier.

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  1. AMEN, sister! Seriously, I'm on your side of the preschool debate. I've been considering doing a blog post about my preschool crisis too. You hit the nail on the head. Everyone seems to do preschool but WHY? Why would I want to give up my sweet little girl before I have to? My friends just started a joy school and I opted out. What's the point? Let them be little! Rose is almost 5 but you know what? We only get our kids ALL to ourselves for 5 short years, so why is it less and less common for moms to just TAKE those five years? HOARD those five years of innocence! I was surprised that I went through a preschool crisis with my second child as well as my first, but I totally did. Kids learn by playing. That's it. And society these days is all about shoving kids out the front door younger and younger in the name of improving them. Nope, that's not how I roll! I don't judge people who are intense about preschool, but it's hard not to sound judgmental when my view is totally different than most. It was happy to read someone who feels the same way as me!
    Also, the patience thing you mentioned is also something I'm working on too.