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Phew, sorry for the drama of the last post. I think it's important to log the good and bad, but maybe that was more of a personal journal moment.


What's happier than SPRINKLES? I'm not sure I have a good answer for that! Our friend gave us these giant cartons of sprinkles (think gallon-size) and since there was no way on Earth I could find a way to actually use them in my kitchen (at least not fast enough to ensure that they wouldn't be dumped all over my house) I let the kids dump them out in the water table outside.

 Then it got dumped onto the ground, and down the slide...

...on the box, and all around outside!

THEN, it rained. -_- There is sprinkle goo all over the back yard. Joy crushed! But, it was still fun, and I'm glad the kids enjoyed it. I felt like a good mom for letting them play their way.

Until the rain it has been so glorious outside - I feel like the majority of our time was spent enjoying the outdoor pleasures in our neighborhood. - t…


I've been feeling a little broken lately. I found my groove and then I lost it again. I am comfortable and confident in my mothering, but everything outside of that feels off.

I've had a few piano events lately - a wedding that I had to really prepare for and a vocal competition later this month that requires me to learn an entire binder of challenging music for 12 singers in a very short amount of time - that have stressed me out.

I've had some time-consuming work to do with my church calling in the cub scouts - organizing and manning a car wash fundraiser and planning/setting up/participating in a big pack meeting, plus some important paperwork - that has stretched me in multiple ways.

I've made poor financial decisions in the past and am paying for it now (literally and figuratively), so I'm dealing with the discomfort that only money woes can bring.

I've been having a hard time keeping up with all these responsibilities plus still trying to give service, ke…

Banana Chair Man


I have a good friend who suffers from an extremely rare condition. His condition has made it hard for him to live a normal life. As a result of his condition, he only has one arm, which makes it very hard to participate in normal, everyday activities like clapping, juggling, and cutting a steak. Another result of his condition is that he has no legs, which makes it very hard for him to wear shoes, get pedicures, and kick soccer balls.

In spite of this obviously debilitating condition, my friend has made every attempt to live life to its fullest. He has spoken in General Conference, wielded lightsabers of all colors, and even gone head-to-head with the most powerful dark wizard of all time. He is truly an inspiration to all who know him.

And without further ado, I introduce you to my dearest friend, Banana Chair Man:

So Banana Chair Man started out as a pure Star Wars fan, but his interests eventually diversified. He is now a huge f…


How lucky I am to look at these faces all day every day:

 we went through a couple weeks of daily tantrums - it was as rough as it looks lol BUT it seems as though we are on a smoother road, at least for now