Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ice Cream and LIFE in Random Pictures

We just texted four people who live close to us asking if they had vanilla ice cream - it's Sunday so we don't go to the store, but we found leftover cookie dough in the freezer and decided it would be delicious with ice cream and once we had that thought we realized we couldn't get through our evening until we made this a reality. THANK YOU MJ for having ice cream that we could steal and making our ice cream/cookie dough/hot melty cookie treat dreams come true. I'm glad we have friends who understand our spontaneous dessert needs.

 fancy lawn mowing / I spy Lizzie / our neighbor mowing with a FLASHLIGHT at 9:30 pm

 love when she let's me do hair / he's getting SO BIG and won't be sleeping on me like this forever / MOTHRA: this moth haunted our bathroom all last week, and a couple days ago Austin told me that he was playing a game every time he went in the bathroom where he would wait for Mothra to pop out from her hiding place and then he would feign surprise and say, "you win this time....well played, Mothra." I LAUGHED SO HARD upon hearing that, hahaha! Imagine him saying it with squinty, suspicious eyes and grudging respect to this little moth.

 FALL!!!! We have been going on multiple walks every day enjoying the sunshine, crisp air, and beautiful leaves.

 Natalie and I made the Princess Party Palace one afternoon, complete with hashtagged American Flag. Notice the beautiful flower that Natalie drew, to the left of Cinderella . The girls (especially Rapunzel) got a little too crazy in the Palace and it got destroyed, but it was a fun little project.

 I came home after an outing one morning to this scene - I didn't realize that we left it so messy but luckily was in the type of mood where I appreciated that all the toys and books and general debris in my living room meant that I have three beautiful active happy children who love to learn and play and I took a picture to remind myself that it's okay not to tidy sometimes!

 Uncle Jack changing a diaper for the very first time in his almost 25 years of life. The diaper fell off 12 seconds after he let Natalie go haha.
 We owe these neighbors a lot of entertainment - their spider web/light up Halloween decorations have captured Natalie's fancy and she begs to walk down the street all day long to look at their yard. If she's had a pleasant day her reward is to go look at the lights when it's dark before bed - for the last two hours before sunset she asks if the sun has gone down yet so she can go see the big spider.
And, this weekend one of my good friends got married!!! We've known each other since our freshman year of high school and now, eleven years after we met, she tied the knot! It was the classsssssiest wedding, everything was perfect, and it was so full of joy and love and happiness. Congrats, Molly!!! (My mom and I did the music for the wedding, so it was extra fun to be involved that way.) This picture is from the rehearsal dinner the night before, and it was in such a cool venue and just SO HAPPY.

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