Monday, October 19, 2015


How lucky I am to look at these faces all day every day:
first time with all three in the bath!

 we went through a couple weeks of daily tantrums - it was as rough as it looks lol
BUT it seems as though we are on a smoother road, at least for now

haha I think Stockton looks so funny

 Stockton using my legs as a bed and Jack's bum as a pillow // play doh dresses for the grils

  Natalie likes to sit out here and wave when someone is leaving 

 We snuck out on a little date one morning and had a lovely browse at our favorite used bookstore, then lunch with my free birthday bowl at Noodles. Jack had a good time with us too!

 Austin was vacuuming and pretending to get the kids with Mimi // eating the worm at church

 we tried a new treat place for family night last week - Rita's Italian Ice Custard. YUM!

loves his toes and is getting pretty good at rolling

 Loving our walks. Stockton gets so excited every time he sees the stroller. Some days it's t-shirt weather, other days we need coats and hats. The kids love it either way!

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  1. The last week or two has been rough with Max, daily tantrums indeed, it's so exhausting. His new things is yelling "no way!" to EVERYTHING, BLAH. BUT your kids are so stinking cute so that's the upside :)