Monday, October 5, 2015


I don't think that's a word but it's what this weekend was for me, pure upliftment! I think it was the most attentive, appreciative, and spiritual I've felt for General Conference, maybe ever. Every talk brought me comfort, joy, guidance, or all three. There were a few talks that could literally have been entitled "For Jessie." Motherhood, self-control, parenting, "ponderizing," and living with love.

It was also a historic Conference weekend with the sustaining of THREE new apostles. I didn't expect to feel so sad about the passing of President Packer, Elder Perry, and Elder Scott, but when the camera showed their empty chairs I felt really emotional. These are men who spent their entire lives serving Jesus Christ, and it was strange to not hear them speak since I've grown up listening to their words of love and guidance. At the same time though, I felt an incredible personal confirmation through the spirit of the new apostles, Elders Rasband, Stevensen, and Renlund. I loved what they had to say and look forward to learning from them in the years to come.

Conference on Saturday was so good I found myself going back and already watching a talk again that night while I folded laundry. I felt the spirit with us all weekend, and it is still with us now. I'm so grateful for the Gospel that offers purpose, direction, and joy in my life. I'm grateful that I know how to receive answers to questions in my life and I firmly know that Heavenly Father listens to my prayers.

The kids were soooo good during Conference. We spent two sessions at home and two sessions at our parents', and I think we actually got more out of it at our own house because the kids were in their groove and we didn't have to worry about disrupting anyone else's spiritual experience. It will be fun when they are old enough to more actively participate in the talks, but they were excited about going to the store to pick out Conference Treats!

I've also been trying to focus on service and kindness in our family, from things as small as Natalie sharing her Cheetos with Stockton to giving a homeless man outside the grocery store a loaf of bread we just bought to what we did today. My dad told us to meet him at the high school where he teaches to show support for a teacher battling cancer as all the staff/students lined up outside while she drove past, waving one last time, and it was a good opportunity to teach my children about showing kindness and love to those we don't even know. It was emotional seeing all the support this teacher had from her school, and I am grateful that we got to be a part of it. A good reminder that it is always worth it to serve and be kind - these are the kind of events that stick with you, I think.

 It was chilly and drizzly but the attitude was positive and the drum line was out in full force and it was very cool. Stockton loved the drums!

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