Monday, November 16, 2015

Fruit Rage pt 2, and Forts

Anyone remember when Natalie used to fruit rage? Now Jack is around the same age and has started to fruit rage himself!

Above, Jack...Below, Natalie

Lately we've been in a fort-building phase. Natalie sometimes climbs into Stockton's crib after his nap and they play together, which is as cute as it sounds. Add some blankets and giggling and you've got pure parenting joy!

We set up the tent downstairs and put all the stuffed animals/balls into it, so it is full and squishy and fun. They also love taking the couch cushions off to build towers and be buried. (After uncovering the scary no-man's-land of the undercouch I extracted a spatula that I've been missing for a while. Also, some old cheetos and plastic knives.)


I love seeing them together. I still can't believe we have THREE!
 I often forget that Natalie is only 3. She carries on such intelligible conversations and is capable of doing so much to help me around the house and with her brothers. She loves sitting with Jack on the chair or couch and hanging out with him, which is suuuuper cute, but then she forgets that it is a bad idea to leave him alone and runs off while he topples and almost rolls off before I dive for him. Lately she's been dressing herself and helping me clean her room, which is nice. One thing I'd like for my children to be good at and appreciate is housework - I'll check back about that in a few years haha.

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