Monday, November 9, 2015


A series of leftover pictures that I haven't put to use yet:

Austin got paid to be a line judge for
Northeast High School VB games.
Doesn't he look fetching?

 Stockton loves "supervising" Jack in the exersaucer. Jack is about 50/50 on liking it - sometimes he plays in there for a long time, other times he yells to get out after just a minute.

 We got a new dishwasher because the old one was leaking and IT IS SO QUIET AND GLORIOUS. No more river rapids/stampeding rhinos sound effects for 50 minutes - I can barely even tell when it's on and it is soooo nice.

my dad got me business cards, lol

 Natalie and Stockton have been buds lately. It is fabulous watching them interact with each other. I love their little peeking heads over the chairs.

hahaha this was so funny because he wasn't
even making a sound, just waiting for me to
notice his fingers on my own

 the them. they are SO DIFFERENT right now - I wonder how their personalities will compare when they get older

 typical. I didn't take a picture but we found a light saber in the fridge yesterday.

look at the FRESHNESS!
 We had our carpets cleaned and I still can't believe how much of a difference it made. Seriously night and day. I'm a believer now!

 Cozy quiet time and Pura visiting Smalls

 I love these cozy happy friendly lovey times Jack really was happy laying like that with Natalie. 
P.S. Welches pleeeeease don't move. 

Jack LOVES Natalie, and vice versa. They are total pals and it makes me so happy.  

reading in the car = the best

 What a cool dude. We love our little buddy.

Inside Out came to Redbox last week and I have been checking every day to see if I can find one to rent but they've all been taken; one (ONE! in all of Lincoln!) finally became available this morning so I hurriedly reserved it and picked it up and we watched it for quiet time today. Bonus: I had a free Redbox code in my email this morning, so I guess it was worth the wait!

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