Monday, November 2, 2015

Pumpkin Patching

What's screams FALL more than a pumpkin patch?
 We went to JK's Pumpkin Patch with our friends Colt and Taft and it was the best outing. Not too crowded, not too big, not too small, plenty of activities perfect for our children, pumpkins included with admission. I'm a fan!
 The jumping pillow was very popular. Stockton is in the brown pants/blue hoodie, Nataliehas pink pants/red coat/red and white hat, and Taft is Spiderman.

 Natalie got to feed the animals. I'm really surprised she didn't freak out when that goat suddenly popped his head through the fence to steal the food out of her hand. The goat in the picture on the right is like, "...sup?"

 big hay bale slide! I don't think she actually went down, but she climbed up there a few times

 They had a corn maze that was actually not super easy, haha. We definitely cheated a couple times and crossed through the crispy corn stalks. We grabbed the wheelbarrows meant for pumpkins and loaded the kids up. At one point I had three kids in my wheelbarrow and Jack strapped to me - I felt like a pioneer or something.

 Hayrack ride to the official "patch" of pumpkins
 Cute Daddy/Natsby/Mommy's shadow

It was the perfect temperature - chilly, like you want for a fall activity, but not too cold. We came home for hot chocolate, sandwiches, and quiet time!

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