Thursday, November 5, 2015

Trick or Treat!

 Introducing: MASHA and the BEAR! 
Natalie and Stockton found this show on Netflix from Russia and they love it. Natalie decided that's what they should be for Halloween, and even though no one knew who they were they looked so cute!

 We've dabbled in various Halloween activities in years past but this was the first official year of trick or treating! Natalie got a huge kick out of it. She didn't want to go up to the door by herself, but she happily if a little meekly said "trick or treat" and "happy halloween" at each house.

Stockton and Jack stayed in the stroller and had a fine time.

We came home, got ready for bed, and realized we kind of forgot about dinner, so we had a quick bagel/cream cheese while reading scriptures and said goodbye to Halloween for 2015. Every day since Natalie has asked if it is Halloween again yet. Not quite, my Natsby!

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