Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Pioneer Dress, Among Other Things

 Going to the mall with PopPop is one of our favorite activities. He gets a long lunch break at work and sometimes meets us at the mall. He always takes the kids on the carousel, gets pretzels at Auntie Anne's, plays in the park area, and then we get lunch. He is always so excited and willing to spend time with us, and I'm so grateful that we get to see so much of him! When we're at his house he takes the kids to the park, makes brownies with Natalie, and follows Stockton around waiting to see what he wants to play with. We love PopPop!
Sometimes I think to myself that I want a nicer house. Then I find cheeto crusties on the light switch and I don't think we're ready for that yet.

I took advantage of Natalie being tired one nap time
 by putting on a movie for her
and reading by myself instead of tidying. 

 I love that Jack sits up now. It's so convenient! He's thinking about crawling but isn't there yet. He is a TOTAL mama's boy, through and through. Like, if I don't want to hold him I have to walk through the room quickly and not make eye contact. He dives out of other people's arms to get to me and totally does the extreme-cry-wahhhh-I-need-Mom and then is 100% fine instantly after he's with me, little stinker.

 little sleepy peeking feet

we loved taking the kids to look at Christmas lights

 saving a spot for his good friend, vanilla ice cream // "uh ohhhhhh"

they were both so perplexed after Stockton pulled it out. Natalie
always comes to investigate when she hears Stockton saying "uhoh"

Smalls had an ear infection one week and was SOOOOO sad for dayyyys on end, it was very patience-testing and sad and hard. But he gave me really good snuggles and started falling asleep on my shoulder like Natalie used to do at this age, which was very sweet.

Natalie LOVES drawing. LOVES LOVES LOVES it. Especially with markers, but also with crayons and pens. She draws multiple times (on multiple surfaces, mostly approved) every day. She's started to get more specific with her drawings, taking more care to try and draw a certain detail or use particular colors. Last week she drew the stinky cheese man (remember that book?) multiple times with a bacon mouth and the blue river from the story. She's awesome and creative and loves doing projects. She drew hats on snowmen the other day - it is fun to see her skills improve.

see that whimper/pain/cringe expression? this was ALL WEEK

all three are in this picture...can you find them?

Stockton's first taste of egg nog...
he is obsessed now

 I got a haircut! 

doesn't she look old!? pretty girl

She found my pioneer dress downstairs and romped around in it one morning. I thought she carried it off very well.

cute Smalls playing by himself // a little Jessie break in the library parking lot with a new book 

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