Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas at the Plumbs

My family was going to be out of town for Christmas so we celebrated Christmas with them early. I actually really like doing it this way - the kids don't get overwhelmed and actually enjoy the gifts they are opening instead of having so many at one time that they sort of ignore them all. Plus Austin and I are such awful present-waiters that it totally suits us to open early : )

 bunny coat!

 Everyone got some sort of outerwear (vest, jacket, hoodie etc) and big Jack modeled his ski stuff. Little Jack liked Stockton's new water bottle.
 My mom did it again, the surprise magic present whiz that she is, getting Max and Annie both presents that they really wanted but didn't think they'd get (LeBron basketball shoes/new iPhone). The year after we moved to Nebraska she totally surprised me by wrapping a toy airplane with a tag that said "good for one roundtrip plane ticket to Maryland" to visit my best friend there. I think that's still the best, most exciting present I've ever gotten.

thanks for the boot socks, mom! and the boots, for that matter
On Christmas Day we got to Skype with Sam in Nevada! It was so good to talk to him. Man I can't wait for him to get home! (He was in a little girl's room at the house where he skyped, haha, hence the zebra print background.)

this was a few weeks before, but still, aren't we cute? : ) 

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