Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas with the Poulsens

We spent an awesome week with the Poulsens, basically seeing them every day for 8 days in a row. Makenzie and Kevin were in town from St. George, and Makae was back from BYU-Idaho. It was soooo good having them home. (Kevin is Kenzie's boyfriend.)

"light, light"

mandatory fun
We played games, laughed, ate, watched movies, stayed up late, got up early, played with the kids, and just enjoyed each others' company. Christmas Eve we had our traditional Chinese food lunch, but this year we had matching shirts, commissioned by Austin and made by Makenzie (she works at a graphic printing place, so she hooked us up.) I'll have to refer to Austin for a comment (they are his banana chair man drawings, after all), but here are the shirts. Each person's shirt has their nickname on the back too, which is fun.

these are ours - clockwise from bottom left: Natalie, Austin, Jessie, Jack, Stockton

We hosted dinner one night and then watched Father of the Bride: Part II. (I tell you, I LOVE those movies!) Austin and I secretly declared ourselves the "Magistrates of Merriment," and took it upon ourselves to make fun plans and get everyone together as much as possible. Our favorite game was this sketching game on the WiiU that was kind of like Pictionary but more fun. We also stayed up wayyy too late playing Phase 10 one night and eating poppyseed cake. We got to talk to Aaron in California on Christmas day (he'll have been out for a year in April, so crazy) and it was good to see that he is doing well. We made fun of Kenz/Kevin being all affectionate (I asked Austin if we were as touchy-feely when we were in that stage of our relationship and he gave a firm yes, yikes) and really just had a good time together. We tried a new burger place (to us) called HF Crave and it was DELICIOUS, holy cow - Lincolnites, check it out! - and then played basketball Knockout at the church. Magistrates of Merriment for the win!

phase ten malaise

Christmas colored Tiffanie Cake
Christmas morning was nice and relaxed - "Santa" set out a wrapped gift for Natalie and Stockton, they each got a book on Christmas Eve, and they had one or two more presents under the tree total. We didn't get Jack anything, oops. The others got matching Darth Vader jammies, which they love.

 "can I really open them!?"

Jack was entranced by this robot toy
from my Grandma
We shimmied over to the Poulsens and everyone gathered in the living room while Gpa passed out the presents.

K/K in matching Chewbacca jammies, and Natalie and Stockton in their Vader ones // Stockton LOVED having his picture taken with the fancy camera! He grinned and everything. (I need to get a hold of those pictures!)

 Jack's first Christmas!

 Typical Stockty: being momentarily interested in the goings-on and then reverting back to old toys haha.

It was a nice, relaxed day. We got so many fun gifts and enjoyed seeing what everyone else got, too. The kids loved playing with their new things (we took most of it out to the car immediately so it wouldn't get lost in all the other debris, but we did keep the Lego Movie Lego set out so we could build it and the kids loved playing with it. Natalie liked switching the people's body parts/heads/accessories around, and Stockton liked putting the people on the double decker couch and into the police car. It was a very enjoyable way to spend the afternoon!)

see my new paper towel holder from Makae?!

 This is from a different day^ but I wanted to remember it because it was so cute - Stockton was playing the piano and singing along to his own tune. He loves music and often sings songs (Jingle Bells, ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, Sunbeam) but it was really cute to hear him try to play/sing at the same time. Maybe he'll be the musician of the family!

another night of Christmas lights
Merry Christmas to all! Thanks Poulsens for a great week. (Oh, ha, one thing I wanted to remember was how all week we would each randomly yell "...KEVIN!" like from Home Alone, and it never got old. Natalie LOVES Home Alone, 100% obsessed with it. She got the illustrated book for Christmas and basically has it memorized, and embellishes it with details from the movies that got left out.)

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