Friday, December 4, 2015

Family Pictures (2015)

No, the world is not ending, although it may seem like it because the fact that we have official family pictures seems like a sign of the apocalypse!


This is a major moment for us. Okay, for me I guess. Austin hates pictures and the kids don't understand yet. But after seeing how wonderfully they turned out, Austin has seen the light and now I have good material for next time I want our pictures taken. "Remember last time, how much you loved seeing the pictures? You said it was so worth it!"

Kellie took our pictures, dear wonderful friend that she is. She took time out of her special trip with my mom to make this happen for us. I am indebted to her, and not just because she is a fabulous photographer. Please admire her pictures - if she lived here I would be hooking you all up with her services, but since she is in Maryland I will have to content myself by just sharing her work and hoping she knows how much I appreciate everything. THANK YOU, YOU FANTASTIC LADY, YOU!

Here are some favorites:

This is a contender for the favorite picture

I love the framing in this shot



I just absolutely adore this picture

I think this is my favorite. So hard to choose!

These pictures are such treasures. Thank you Kellie <3


  1. So cute! And you look so beautiful! !

  2. So cute! And you look so beautiful! !

  3. YOU GUYS! I am so happy Stockton had the curls when these were taken. These turned out so stinkin good! Love em

  4. These are so so cute Jessie!!! I love them all and I think I agree on your favorite, though that too one was very close:)

  5. Wow! Another 100 points in the professional photos column! You have such cute sweet kids. And you and Austin look good with them. Just perfect. Happy and perfect. Love.