Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Friendsmasgiving 2015

It's that time of year again, folks! FRIENDSMASGIVING!!! The glorious (if made-up) holiday between Thanksgiving and Christmas where friends join together for food and drink and joy.

these happy bulbs made for the perfect atmosphere

Natalie eating dinner early, since she
was tired of waiting

the group whilst waiting for HAM - the Welches had a minor malfunction with the ham so they were late,
but the anticipation made the feast that much better

what a group! 
There were 9 adults and 5 children who were eating, plus two babies, and it was MERRY and BRIGHT. The food was fantastic (Friendsmasgiving tradition: ham, baked beans, rolls, potatoes. ALL DELICIOUS. And Martinelli's sparkling cider, of course. Isn't sparkling the most appetizing word for a beverage?)
we even made a sign this year (Natalie helped)

We're curious what FMasGiving will look like next year - some families will still be here but some may not :(, and we'll need an extra chair for Colt's WIFE!!! Lots of changes. Thanks for another successful holiday, everyone! Cheers!

(Oh, I wanted to mention that a good part of the evening entertainment was provided by the men reading Amazon reviews from certain products - a tazer and sugar free Haribo gummy bears were some of them. The guys were positively CACKLING. We genteel ladies were in another part of the room oohing and ahhing over little Ella, Ross and Aly's perfect precious baby girl.)

(ALSO, earlier that day Kellie and her daughter Sara stopped in for a surprise visit as they drove to Utah. Their visit was welcome and joyful, as always!)

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