Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pictures cont'd....

early morning bleary eyed faces (and I mean EARLY - she's been waking up at 5:50 the past week.)

Tgiving FHE with the Welches // a perfect stack of pancakes // those two getting into mischief together

various forms of lounging

sweet bedtime moments // a smiley Jack

getting out some wiggles on a Saturday

The classic GRINCH JAMMIES - he was all bundled up and cozy like this while we got in the hot tub at Ross/Aly's family rental house for Tgiving. I think I might need a hot tub when we're old and rich, it was so magical and wonderful. Also during that night we sampled MANGO Martinelli's, which was absolutely delicious, yet nowhere to be found at any store.

Natalie and I got crafty - I did a cute Santa and Natalie did a demon snowman, and is pleased as punch about it.

The two Jacks at my mom's birthday dinner at Zio's. (Jack and I left the others at home and drove up for the occasion.)

Austin's favorite part of growing out his beard is shaving it in stages afterwards. Ew haha.

a little tiny peeking head at "bagel" Target

spaghetti. a primo lunch at any age.

egg nog delight (egg nog with ice cream,
our favorite holiday treat) and the
Christmas broadcast in bed, mmm

some kids frost, other kids eat. Stockton was totally green haha.

boot shopping with my mom

loving playing on the crib mattress while we moved Jack's crib to Natalie's room

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  1. Jeff does the same thing with his beard on the rare occasions that I let him grow it out (like twice in the past 9 years). Men and their facial hair. Also: Natalie is looking so grown up! Tell her to slow down. Oh, and that eternal diaper corner of doom or however you named it is hilarious. Amber likes to dissect diapers so I always have to brave the cold and dash out to the trashcan on the driveway.