Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Block Corner

Recently we rearranged the children's bedrooms and I noticed that there was a perfect little nook between the dresser and the other wall for our big brick blocks that usually stay downstairs. I think these are suuuper fun to play with and the kids do too, but I can't stand when they are flung around willy nilly (tripping hazards/looks really messy) and since it is impossible to stack them up neatly somewhere when the kids are awake, they stayed downstairs where I only clean up like once a month and didn't have to worry about them. BUT the space by the dresser was perfect, because the blocks are relatively contained but still totally knock-downable/suitably available for tower building and I can't really see them when I walk into the room. It's been really fun to have them there - Stockton especially gets excited about it.

The Block Corner

 We played like this for at least half an hour straight, giggling and kicking and building and burying. So fun.

this is what it's like when they are in the living room. UGH drives me crazy.

Here's what their rooms look like now, although they aren't totally done yet:

 Natalie and Jack will share (Smalls is still sleeping in the little crib in the living room for now)

And Stockton, rock star sleeper that he is, gets his own room:

...I didn't take a picture of the crib full-on, so you'll just have to imagine!

and, Natalie playing her matching game, which she loves. The End.

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