Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I started composing these posts a week or two ago and am finally getting back around to them. SO MANY PICTURES. Ahh, the reality of needing more sleep and putting off blogging. Sighh.

WHATTUP December!!! (What's left of it, anyway.)

failed attempts at giving Jack
the bottle, ugh (I even enlisted
Natalie's help, to no avail)

we have another blanket snuggler in the family!


muffin tin brothers band

haha, Stockton walked around like this^ for a while one night. also, an old sippy of milk went through the dishwasher cycle. typical.
cozy quiet time (I put Stockton there and Natalie came up separately, so cute)

poor boy with an ear infection, so sweet

Again, Natalie orchestrated this joint cozy station

one day she put herself down for a nap -
I couldn't find her for a while since I'm not used to her napping

perpetual diaper corner of eternity, ugh // natalie almost always falls asleep on our way to Gma/Gpa's after church (CAN I GET AN AMEN FOR NO MORE 1 O CLOCK CHURCH!?!?!? WE MADE IT!)

fun with Gpa

no-shave November. doesn't he look dashing?

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