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The day after I wrote that last post, the Bishop of our ward came over and called me to be the Relief Society President. My journal is full of the emotions, thoughts, and experiences that have filled my heart since then, and I hesitated to even write about it here. I decided that I did want to mention it though because my children are too young to remember this time, and I want them to be able to look back and see that this calling has already been a blessing to our family and continues to strengthen my testimony. 
My feelings are tender and sacred. I have never felt the Spirit so constantly and powerfully in my life. The Lord is blessing me with giant measures of love and an intense desire to study the Gospel. I love the sisters in Relief Society. I love that my calling, first and foremost, is to offer RELIEF. What an amazing responsibility! I love that it is not only my calling, but that it is the calling of every sister within our individual societies across the world. We are to lo…