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Preschool? and more pictures

I've been going back and forth thinking about preschool for Natalie. The public schools here have free preschool 5 days a week for 3.5 hours, either in the morning or afternoon. A lot of my friends have done this preschool in the past and some with children Natalie's age are planning on doing it this fall. I know Natalie would love it and thrive, but am I the only one who is concerned that she'll be gone for 17.5 hours each week?!? That seems like so much time! Aside from the fact that I don't like the idea of not being in control of how she's being influenced, etc, I would just miss her so much if she were gone that long! The boys would miss her too. I don't think I'm ready to give her up just yet. So I've been thinking about having little "school" activities at home, and I just feel better about it than sending her to preschool at this point. Our friends brought us an old-fashioned school desk that the kids love, so that's perfect, and …

Outside in February!

We're watching Toy Story 2 for quiet time, snuggled together in the big chair with a blankie and Harriet (the computer). It might be even funnier than the original Toy Story, if that's possible. I've watched both like 430 times so I think I'm a good judge. Rex asks "How do you spell 'FBI'?" when all the toys are frustrated and panicking and trying to figure out who took Woody, and it is just one of MANY hilarious one-liners in those movies. So funny.

Stockton LOVED these sunglasses...until he broke them the next day
 he loved spinning with the big boys and was thrilled when they went super fast 
 backyard fun; Stockton loves spending time in that rinky stroller haha

exploring the melty park
The weather has been GLORIOUS! Well, now it's chilly again but we had multiple days in the 50s/60s and we took full advantage. Walks, park outings, backyard sessions, windows thrown open. The best! Good weather makes me instantly feel like a better mom. Everyon…

Joy in January

January was joyful (except for the weather)!

Jack learned to crawl (our earliest crawler, right after 9 months!)

 Natalie got to be a rock star and sing "I'm a Believer" with PopPop, and she made some new friends (it was almost bedtime, hence the jammies/boots combo). She loved dancing and keeps telling me, even weeks after, that she's a rock star.

 I went back to work serving at Tico's once a week (it's the deal of a lifetime: 4-5 hour shift once a week, $70-110 each time. So great!). I am enjoying using skills that I don't normally get to use and having a different "identity" than just MOM all the time, you know? It's fun, and the kids love that time with Daddy every Saturday night.

We surprised Austin at the office, waiting in the back hallway for him to arrive after class. The kids love that hallway for some reason, ha.

 the boys playing in orange. Stockton is interacting with Jack more, and is starting to look guilty when he makes Jack …