Monday, February 8, 2016

Fancy Las Vegas

Austin and I went on an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas for a conference...and we didn't take the kids! I still kind of can't believe that we did it, but it was awesome and worth it. THANK YOU to our parents who took turns watching the babes...everyone had a great time.

 Pictures we sent for the kids - we got chocolates at an airport store

 airport pics - we thought Natalie would like the lizard 

 from inside the taxi "hi guys!!"

Vegas is crazy. Definitely not my cup o' tea - Austin and I felt like the only ones without party clothes and a frozen margarita in our hands. It was fun to walk around and see the sights, but now that I've seen them once I don't think I ever need to go back.

 The view from our balcony

Our hotel was unbelievably luxurious. It hurt to think of how much money went into the construction etc, and how much money is spent there every day! The parking garage had glittery floors, no joke, everything was new and sparkly and over the top. It was fun to feel so fancy for a little bit, but I prefer comfort to glitz any day.

 I want a bench in my granite shower someday

 a little bag for the extra TP? doesn't get fancier than that

 even the restroom icons are svelte

the picture by our elevator, ha

Chandelier Bar

see? glittery road!
The conference itself was the Starkey Hearing Innovation Expo - Starkey is a hearing aid company that believes in being the front runners of science and technology, giving back to the world, and serving customers better than anyone else. It was really inspiring listening to the bigwigs of the company talk about their mission and progress and new products. They also brought in tons of world-class businessmen and women, and other philanthropists and celebrities. (Randi Zuckerburg, Ben Affleck!, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Daniel Pink, Michael Maddock, the panel from the show Shark Tank - including Mark Cuban, who was a total jerk -, and our very favorite, MAGIC JOHNSON.)

EVERY time we entered the conference room the staff was lined
up in a GIANT 300-person clap line. Austin hated it but I thought
it was awesome! 

this is what the general sessions looked like - 3200 people
(we were sitting in the front half here, the room was enormous)

We left with lots of swag - new jackets, notebooks, bags, pens, some techie stuff, etc. They fed us SO well, and had snacks in between each meal. The Starkey staff was super friendly and obviously excited for us to be there and see what's been going on in the company.

Mostly though it was just fun to be together. We loved just hanging out in the hotel room - call us boring, but we needed that relaxation time together! When Austin had classes in the afternoon I worked on church stuff in our room or actually READ, which felt so nice! So much reading time. The best. We ate at P.F. Changs two nights in a row, ha, and went to bed early. Austin watched basketball to his heart's content. We were gone Wednesday afternoon - Sunday afternoon, which was a long time away from our children! It was a relief to be back with them but we did very much enjoy our break. THANKS, Plumbs and Poulsens!

 Austin doing homework, my view from the couch

The other fun part about the trip was seeing Makenzie/Kevin and Anthony/Afton! A/A drove up Friday night from Panaca, NV and got Changs with us and slept over, and then M/K came the next morning from St. George, UT. It was great having a chance to hang out together and get burgers and walk the strip and play cards. We are SO excited that A/A's baby is coming in April! Ahhhh! Cousins for our children, and we get to be an Aunt/Uncle!!!!

family!!! (and boyfriend, ha)

 this was the COOLEST cascading rock wall/fountain thing, we stood there for a LONG time. I want one in my future mansion. so calming!

card games, soda courtesy of Starkey (srsly, what's better than free soda?)
Here are the fun pictures our parents sent to us - these kids are just the best!

 They were in great hands!

Happy vacation conference to us! Maybe we'll get away again in another 4 years : )


  1. Wow, what a big trip! I think I'm on your side when it comes to glitzy entertainment driven cities. We felt the same way about Barcelona--maybe it would've been better if we hadn't showed up there during some crazy drunken carnival parade or if we hadn't stayed in a seedy hostel with 8 sets of bunk beds in one room with crass traveling single guys and some ditsy German girls trying to...ahem we left the hostel before it got that bad and walked around the less-traveled streets of Barcelona all night till the train station opened at 5am. Then we got tickets OUT of there and went to provencial France instead. I'm sure Barcelona is really a cool place in general--in daylight without crazy people, but we never saw that side of it! We still call it Barf-alona, sadly. Haha, I'm glad you got to experience "sin city" without the sin! I love that your kids have two sets of loving willing grandparents to care for them while you got a nice long date!

  2. I am so insanely jealous of this!