Monday, February 22, 2016

Joy in January

January was joyful (except for the weather)!

Jack learned to crawl (our earliest crawler, right after 9 months!)

 Natalie got to be a rock star and sing "I'm a Believer" with PopPop, and she made some new friends (it was almost bedtime, hence the jammies/boots combo). She loved dancing and keeps telling me, even weeks after, that she's a rock star.

 I went back to work serving at Tico's once a week (it's the deal of a lifetime: 4-5 hour shift once a week, $70-110 each time. So great!). I am enjoying using skills that I don't normally get to use and having a different "identity" than just MOM all the time, you know? It's fun, and the kids love that time with Daddy every Saturday night.

We surprised Austin at the office, waiting in the back hallway for him to arrive after class. The kids love that hallway for some reason, ha.

is this not the most precious picture ever?

 the boys playing in orange. Stockton is interacting with Jack more, and is starting to look guilty when he makes Jack cry or takes away a toy. They'll have so much fun together as Jack gets older!


Natalie was sick one night (fever/cough) so we had
a sleepover in the living room. Here's the aftermath mess.

Austin secretly loves playing Barbies

 Cute children playing...we love when Will and Mabel come to play! (Also, we're still SO glad the Birdsalls stayed in Lincoln after graduating law school. THE BEST.)

 Smalls is enjoying "real food" and doesn't really want baby food anymore. He loves mac and cheese and jam toast.

 Some scenes from "quiet time." I usually try to play with Natalie and then have her do something alone so I can get some tasks done while the boys are asleep, to varying degrees of success. What can I say, she just likes hanging out with me : )

The Jacks!
Time is flying. Life is good. : )

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