Monday, February 22, 2016

Outside in February!

We're watching Toy Story 2 for quiet time, snuggled together in the big chair with a blankie and Harriet (the computer). It might be even funnier than the original Toy Story, if that's possible. I've watched both like 430 times so I think I'm a good judge. Rex asks "How do you spell 'FBI'?" when all the toys are frustrated and panicking and trying to figure out who took Woody, and it is just one of MANY hilarious one-liners in those movies. So funny.

Stockton LOVED these sunglasses...until he broke them the next day

 he loved spinning with the big boys and was thrilled when they went super fast 

 backyard fun; Stockton loves spending time in that rinky stroller haha

exploring the melty park

The weather has been GLORIOUS! Well, now it's chilly again but we had multiple days in the 50s/60s and we took full advantage. Walks, park outings, backyard sessions, windows thrown open. The best! Good weather makes me instantly feel like a better mom. Everyone is happier, it feels so good to be able to just go outside and not have to have an activity planned and just spend time exploring and playing. I can't WAIT to get the children's zoo pass when it opens in April - we will go allllll the time.

 Natalie and I made these awful visors, ha. Good thing they already fell apart.

bunny in the road

these swings have held all of my babies as they've grown up!

 Stockton taking flight haha

sunny Smalls

 more finger painting fun!

ready for our walk to HyVee while Daddy is at bowling

Natalie is a dawdler on walks - almost every time
I look to see where she is, she's many yards behind us
exploring a snow pile for ten minutes

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