Monday, February 22, 2016

Preschool? and more pictures

Natalie told us that an egg smashed downstairs and
she had to grab another one. After she grabbed the other one
she showed us where the first egg was originally
smashed, and how she cleaned it up haha. (It wasn't
that bad of a mess, but she knows now not to play
with eggs!)

a beautiful sun sky on my drive to Papillion

sweet sleepy Smalls

I had to sneak a picture at church because this was
so cute, them all crowding Daddy

from Makae, ha. So happy!

I've been going back and forth thinking about preschool for Natalie. The public schools here have free preschool 5 days a week for 3.5 hours, either in the morning or afternoon. A lot of my friends have done this preschool in the past and some with children Natalie's age are planning on doing it this fall. I know Natalie would love it and thrive, but am I the only one who is concerned that she'll be gone for 17.5 hours each week?!? That seems like so much time! Aside from the fact that I don't like the idea of not being in control of how she's being influenced, etc, I would just miss her so much if she were gone that long! The boys would miss her too. I don't think I'm ready to give her up just yet. So I've been thinking about having little "school" activities at home, and I just feel better about it than sending her to preschool at this point. Our friends brought us an old-fashioned school desk that the kids love, so that's perfect, and we got a little preschool activity book that we work on for a couple minutes each day. We have so many outings and get-togethers during the week, and Natalie has primary every Sunday, so I don't feel like she's not having opportunities for interaction and education. I don't know. I feel like there's a lot of pressure for SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL LEARN LEARN LEARN but I'm just not sure a 4-year-old needs to sit at a desk for 3 hours every day! Especially my Natsby, who seems well-adjusted and socially clued-in. Hmm.

We've been working on Natalie pooping in the potty. It's been rough. She hasn't had any accidents but she just really prefers pooping in a diaper. It's frustrating. We finally refused to let her poop in a diaper and after two days she couldn't hold it anymore and I hurried and sat her on the potty right as she finally pooped, so we basically counted it as pooping in the potty even though it wasn't really her intention. We were at my parents' and it was the pooping in the potty party of the century! Ha I felt ridiculous whooping and hollering about poop but it was an important moment. Then we get to the next day and she refuses to go in the potty again, even after lots of prizes from yesterday's achievement. Sighhh.

I liked this insight that I learned from our Relief Society lesson yesterday: we love when our children come to us with problems, but also love when they share their excitement, improvements, knowledge, and love with us...we should think of God as truly our Father and talk to him like we want our children to talk to us. ...I don't think that really came out right, but thinking about this has helped me focus my prayers more and further my relationship with my Heavenly Father.'s the rest of the pictures I've been holding on to!

Stockton either takes his clothes off, or chooses
his own outfit. Winner.

PopPop loves Chips Ahoy! so we sent him this
picture trying to get him to come over

Jack was sick with a weird rash and aches, and
he was so snuggly and sensitive!

free-for-all for the other kids while Jack was sick ha

"here, mom!"

my happy handsome stockty

 we like making play doh dresses, shoes, and, Natalie's favorite, MASKS haha

sweet girls : )

 Stockton being sly on the desk

 isn't he classy? especiallyyyy with that necklace

 finger painting! (I have the best visiting teacher who brings fun activities for the kids)


we love playing with these interlocking plastic shapes

volleyball snacks with Chloe on President's Day

 tent time!

"I just want to have a rest on my desk" - Natalie

playing Scrabble with a 93-year-old friend


  1. I just love you. Thank you for being on my side with the preschool thing. Of course our sweet kids would be fine in preschool, but they'll get so many more valuable experiences without it, at least that's what I think. :) Let yourself do what feels right. I am so glad to have an ally who sees the value in cherishing that once-in-a-lifetime innocence as long as possible! It's especially fleeting I'm finding, because once the oldest child is in school, that outside influence even affects the younger siblings too, so THIS is YOUR TIME, right now. Cherish those little spirits while they're all all all yours! I sound like some grandmother who's reminiscing but my oldest child is only in first grade--haha. Maybe another one of your kids will do preschool. Sometimes I stress myself out trying to make every decision at once--like if one kid doesn't do preschool, I have to commit to all of them not doing preschool. Every kid is different! It's our job as moms to decide how to help them be their best selves. You are doing it right. Thank you for your example.

  2. Look into Joy School. I did it with all of my little ones. Two days a week, a group of Moms alternate as teachers, all of the lesson materials are done for you. You know what they are being taught.

  3. Julie didn't do preschool and is doing just fine in kindergarten. I'm so grateful she was home with me and I think she is too now that she's not home everyday. I echo the statement above that you can always change your mind with the next child too. If you feel negative pressure--don't do it!